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The perfect Macaron experience is made out of multiple factors.

The Smell

An aromatic and vivid smell is a key component to spot fresh and high-quality Macarons.


The Bite

The Macaron bite is divided into two parts - firstly, the millisecond of the crisp shell breaking with the teeth, and secondly - the melting inner part from where the flavors and aromas start spreading.


The Taste

Should consist of 3 dimensions. A good example for experiencing a three-dimensional flavor is when the taste is rapidly changing, throwing us to different worlds and kicking our taste buds. 


The Aftertaste

The most surprising and hidden flavors are actually coming softly at the end. A good ending will have an impact on us by stimulating not only our peripheral senses, but also our brain.

All of our Macarons are made with love, in order to give everyone the best Macaron experience they ever had.

By choosing the most fresh, seasonal, high-quality and unique ingredients we can assure that this Macaron experience will touch people’s heart, whether it is on events like birthdays, weddings, baby shower, promotions, office parties etc. or just simply during the daily routine.

All of our Macarons are gluten-free.

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