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  • Where are LOTI PANTÓN macarons produced?
    Our macarons are produced daily in our Boutique kitchen in Berlin, Germany. Each macaron is made with the highest attention to detail by our trained pastry chefs.
  • What ingredients do you use?
    We use high quality ingredients only. All our fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices are 100% natural. We don’t use any artificial flavoring of any kind. All of the components - the macaron cookies, creams, ganaches, pralinés, infusions and jams are freshly made by us in small batches every day.
  • What do you mean by "fresh macarons"? Aren't all macarons fresh?
    With the term “fresh” we want to emphasise that we don’t freeze our macarons at any point - not after baking, filling, and definitely not for storage. Each batch we produce is freshly consumed within a few days.The amount of macarons that we produce is the amount that we sell - we do not stock our macarons. Traditionally, macarons are made with a different baking technique in bigger batches and stored frozen. There is nothing wrong about it, but it is just very different from our philosophy, it doesn’t match our core values and - above all - limits the options of ingredients we can use.
  • How long can I consume the macarons?
    Since our macarons are fresh, they can be consumed for up to a week from the purchase date, depending on the storage conditions (see next question!). Delivered macarons always have their packaging date stamped on the box for an easy calculation.
  • How should I store and consume the macarons?
    Our macarons should be stored in their original box, in the fridge, preferably in the upper area, where it is less cold. For an ideal tasting experience, it is very important to bring the macarons to room temperature before eating them. Normally 30 to 45 minutes outside of the fridge are enough.
  • How many flavors do you offer?
    We always have 12 flavors available within a seasonal collection. On special occasions and holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Halloween or New Year’s Eve we have additional "Limited Edition" flavors.
  • Are your collections changing?
    Yes, every collection is seasonal and is normally available for 2-3 months. In a year, we have four seasonal collections (Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn) plus an additional Christmas Collection that is available in the 4 weeks before Christmas. Besides, we don’t repeat the collections - which means that each collection is a "one-time" menu with the opportunity to explore new flavor horizons and enjoy the seasonal creations, until the next collection comes out.
  • Are your macarons gluten-free?
    All of our macarons are gluten-free from their nature, and our kitchen is generally not using or processing any products containing gluten. However, as some of our ingredients come with the declaration that says "may contain traces of gluten", we must declare that our macarons may contain traces of gluten as well.
  • What allergens do your macarons contain?
    The allergens of our macarons vary from macaron to macaron. However, all our macarons are gluten-free by their nature (they may contain traces of gluten, see question before). Other allergens are specified in the description of our individual boxes and a list is provided with each macaron delivery.
  • Do you produce savoury macarons?
    Yes. Some of our macarons are inspired by savoury components and tasting experiences. They can always be found within our seasonal collections.
  • Are the macarons suitable for children?
    Yes, most of them. We always have alcohol-free macarons available and we put an extra effort in developing flavors that are loved by the little ones.
  • How big are your macarons?
    Our macarons have an average diameter of 5 cm. Since our macarons are made by hand, they are not 100% identical and can slightly vary in size. Their generally bigger size allows us to capture the three dimensional flavor experience at an optimal ratio.
  • Do you have macarons flavors outside of the collections?
    Yes. On special occasions such as Valentine's day, Mother's day, Halloween and New Year's Eve we have additional limited edition flavors available.
  • Do you offer any vegan macarons?
    Yes. In each collection we have vegan options available.
  • Can I order custom macarons with a custom flavor?
    Yes. Starting from 100 macarons per flavor we are able to produce individual macarons. For a detailed quote, please contact us via our contact form sharing as much information as possible about your request.
  • What delivery options do you offer?
    We offer an express delivery service all over Germany. Within Berlin, we additionally offer a personal delivery service for events or special requests (booking in advance required). To enquire about this service, please contact us via our contact form.
  • I can’t choose the delivery date that I want. Why is that?
    We are very sorry your preferred delivery day is not available. There can be two reasons for this: 1. Through our express delivery service you can receive the macarons only from Tuesday to Friday. At the moment it isn’t possible to receive the macarons on other days as we freshly pack them the day before. 2. Our system is fully booked with orders for the relevant days. You are seeing the next available delivery date based on the day of the week, time of order and our production capacities.
  • What countries are you delivering to?
    We currently deliver only within Germany.
  • Can I order macarons for tomorrow?
    Yes. Orders placed from Monday to Thursday until 12:00 PM, can be delivered (upon availability) the next day until 12:00 PM.
  • How long are the macarons on their way?
    Our express delivery is designed for transporting the macarons within the minimal time possible (within 12 to 20 hours from the moment they were packed).
  • How do you pack the fragile macarons?
    The macarons are packed in their boxes and then placed inside the delivery carton with recyclable paper around it. On hot weather days, we add a cooling aid, for keeping the macarons from overheating on their way.
  • Can I choose the delivery date?
    Yes. After finalizing your order process in our online shop, you will be asked to choose the delivery date. Please note that the available delivery dates are based on the day of the week, time of order and our production capacities.
  • At what time does my package get delivered?
    As a standard, all of our packages are delivered until 12:00 PM.
  • Will I be able to get live updates and track my package?
    Yes. After shipping your package, you will get a notification email with the shipping confirmation and tracking number.
  • What happens if no one receives the delivery?
    As a standard, deliveries that cannot be delivered are handed to a neighbor in the building. In that case, you will find a note with the details at your door or in your mailbox.
  • Are the macaron boxes recyclable?
    Yes. Our macaron boxes are made from 100% paper (no plastic, glue or metals) and therefore can be disposed in the paper recycle bin.
  • Can I order the macarons in advance?
    Yes. We highly recommend ordering the macarons in advance, especially during holidays and high demand times.
  • Are you delivering on hot days as well?
    Yes. On hot days we add a cooling aid to the delivery aid that keeps the macarons from overheating.
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