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Couples Box
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1X GILVAN (V) | Rooibos · Quince · Vanilla

1X MONTICELLO | Smoked Pancetta · Sweet Corn

1X BERNAL | Goat Milk Toffee · Milk Chocolate · Hazelnut

1X NAKO | Chai Masala · Rose Hip

1X MALDINI (V) | Mokka · Peanuts · Crispy Banana

1X KINZIG | Black Cherry · Dark Chocolate · Amaretto Kirsch

1X CASINA | Pear · Parmesan · Cognac

1X TRAPANI | Blood Orange · Caraway · Dark Chocolate

1X SHIROI | Genmaicha Tea · Date Honey · Black Sesame

1X TENRI | Plum · Cashew Teriyaki

1X PAOLA | Poppy Seed · Bergamot · Honey Cornflakes

1X MARAND | Black Lemon · Mascarpone · Almonds

We use high quality ingredients only. All of the Macarons are gluten free and made without any artificial flavouring.

Contains the following allergens :

Eggs, Milk and Milk products (including Lactose), Nuts (Almonds, Hazelnuts, Peanuts, Cashew), Sesame, Soy.

Contains food coloring. (KINZIG, CASINA - Contains alcohol), (MALINDI (V), SHIROI, NAKO - Contains Caffeine)

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