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Good News!

For several months, we have been developing a completely new concept: The Macaron Menu by LOTI PANTÓN. From today it’s official: As part of the @eat_berlin_festival, we will be offering this exclusive event to you on Saturday, 27 February 2021. The menu consists of 7 unique and completely out of the box Macaron dishes and a corresponding wine pairing that will challenge everything you know about the world of Macarons.

From 12:00 pm tomorrow, tickets to this event can be purchased online (book your ticket here). Switch on our IG alarm, as tickets sell out quickly! We can’t wait to serve you our most creative and culinarily daring creations we have ever developed.

As we promised in our last post, we will do everything to get back to our feet as soon as possible. This event is just the first step in that direction. No matter what, as long as it’s up to us, this special dinner is going to take place, and we can’t wait to see you there.

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